Using EmoPill®

EmoPill® can be used pretty much anywhere at anytime. However, to achieve optimum results it is best to listen in an environment free of distraction. Also remember that because the brain needs to receive the left and right frequency signals to activate the frequency response process, it is necessary to use a pair of headphones to get the most from the listening experience. The practice of listening to EmoPill® is also referred to as Emo-Meditation to entrain the brain for deep concentration, focus and relaxation. When entraining the brain, it is preferable to aid and enhance the process by listening  to EmoPill® in an environment conducive to stilling the mind.

Best Way To Listen To EmoPill®

Before listening to EmoPill® designed for whatever it is designed for, find an isolated space, ideally in a neutral environment that isn’t associated with stress or high-energy activity. Your environment should be free of distraction, so turn off your phone and let those likely to disturb you know that you won’t be available for the duration. Be sure to schedule enough time to listen to the entire EmoPill®. The best is to sit among in nature, like in the garden or in the park, by a lake or in a spacious environment. The less distracted your brain the more effective the entrainment process will be. The idea is to be fully present and relaxed. Alternatively, close your eyes and concentrate on the rise and fall of your breath as you listen. Let thoughts come and go without attaching any meaning to it. Just notice your thoughts and let them go, returning to the breath each time and emerging with its flow. If you are listening to Day EmoPill®, you can engage in that task while you listen. NEVER listen to EmoPill® while driving or operating machinery.

Choosing Headphones

It is worth investing in good quality headphones to get the most out of the listening experience. The best result when you use a frequency response of below 3Hz.

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