This Powerful Instrument, THE VOICE

This powerful instrument, the voice, is our body stabilizer. It enhances overall body functioning. It provides a resonance through bone conduction vibration that allows the body to find ways to support itself. The body frequently does not know how to support itself without external help. EmoPill is created as a form of sound based therapies or with emotional or psychological support which provides internal help by using the correct vibrational sound as introduced with the voice. Vocal stability is needed in order for the body to reach peak performance. EmoWave reflects the imbalances of the body as evidenced by vocal analysis. Emopill restore the body to a balanced position. Understanding the balance between what the voice expresses outwardly and how the voice can turn sound to good use internally, is important for understanding how EmoPill support our body’s wellness.  EmoPill supports the flow of higher energy fields into the physical body through many systems such as circulatory, nervous, perineural, skeletal and skin.

EmoPill begins at the subconscious level or at the etheric level of the body where the energy patterns are shared within and without the body. Imagine a cycle of vibration undulating from outside of the body to inside of the body continuously with wave patterns. The entire body feels the effects, including subconsciously. The etheric level sends vibrational support for the functioning of the physical body. And the physical body sends vibrational support through the connective functioning that exists between the voice and the brain, the brain as the translators and processors of information. The cycle is not just contained within the physical body. The cycle is only complete when results are only fully realized at the etheric level, the subconscious supporting the conscious awareness of the person. It’s a full mind/body experience. The energy patterns can be seen as a cycle moving to bridge the gap between the etheric world and the physical body. By re-patterning and stabilizing this energy, each person can be brought to a more supportive starting place so that their learning development and wellness can be enhanced. This starting place provides a more stable foundation from which to grow. The change typically begins at the subtle energy level and advances to the physical, final outcome, although sometimes a physical injury will start the process in reverse. Within the world of quantum physics, the possibility exists that what happens within us can impact what happens outside of us and vice versa.

The brain needs support in knowing how to make the change or tune up. The brain becomes the conductor and perhaps sends the needed sound to the ear as an emission, saying ‘tune your body to this sound’. The brain is responsible for making sure our resonance harmonize. EmoPill will imitate that sound and reconnect that sound to the body, thereby balancing the overall body frequencies, a form of entrainment. The ear receives the new sound by hearing it produced with the voice and the vocal sound is also transmitter to the rest of the body by conduction vibration. EmoPill is our body’s stabilizer, this is a continuous cycle that searches for ways to maintain and stabilize our frequency patterns. The brain helps support the body to maintain a level of coherence or balance. The brain works together with the molecules and biological necessities of the body. The brain control over the many processes in the body which supports our immune system. The body can mirror a mental or emotional event which may result in an illness and our body tries to repair irregular patterns.

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