Listening To Yourself

How many of you have paused to consider what your voice reveals?

Human voice will not only reveal the emotional and physical needs of a person,  now human voice will also be used to put back into the body what the body needs. This revolutionary concept will change the way people use sound as a healing modality for future generation and the voice is a major contributor to the overall stability of the body through sound.

The idea of “listening to yourself” is really brilliant if you know how to do it. But what if you do not hear the voice that tells you what is right for you and what is not? What if you don’t know what your inner self is telling you? How do you know that listening to yourself is better than listening to all the smart people around you and following their most logical path in life?

When you listen to yourself you make decisions that are right for you. No one else knows what will make you happy (even if they say they do) and bring your life in balance.

If you want to learn to listen to yourself then you have two major tasks: 

Know yourself and Hear yourself. 

  1. Become mindful of everything you do.Make it a habit to think about everything you do throughout the day.
  2. Don’t live by the book.Following a certain route in life does not give you any opportunity to listen to yourself. When you feel like doing something, just do it!
  3. Find your core belief.Your core belief is the belief that keeps you.

Your voice is the body’s vibrational blueprint as it reflects the sound vibrational energy of your body. Your voice reveals the secrets of the body. This process is beginning to be used by medical professionals to help identify wellness challenges. The principles of EmoPill originated with the idea that the brain perceives sound and then generates impulses patterns known as brainwave frequencies. These frequencies are sent to the rest of the body through the neurological system. These neurological impulses help sustain the body’s structural integrity and emotional equilibrium. When these impulses are disrupted the imbalance is manifested in disease or stress.

EmoWave uses the voice to identify the imbalances. After analysis, specific frequencies are presented through analog sound where the brain perceives these sounds, generates brainwave frequencies, and sends the balancing frequencies to the needed areas of the body. Our body is like a blueprint comprised of the many frequencies needed to support itself.

Our voice is our own instrument. It can be creative, harsh, melodious, expressive and soothing. The power of the voice can express feelings, trigger emotions in others, or control others. The power can be with the tone of the voice or with the words we use. Our voice represents our entire being, our signature. Through a combination of melody rhythm, timbre and other aspects such as frequency, duration and pitch the human voice conveys who we are. The voice reveals one’s energy. The sound generated is often a reflection of one’s general state of being, our mood and feelings. The voice responds instinctively to the energy and emotions of the whole body.

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