Unlocking learning difficulties

Every Child has it’s unique personality and develops differently. We have conducted various studies concerning their physical, mental, emotional and social development. Firstly, it is important to make a careful diagnostic assessment of the Child’s level of functioning, to identify his / her assets as well as liabilities. Secondly, we provide guidance to the parents and school teachers by suggesting ways of helping the child to overcome his/ her difficulties, in the preparation for a more successful school experience. Continuing reassessment of the Child is crucial and through this consideration of the value from these teaching methods, we will identify the right method to suit different Child.

step one:
assessment with factual data

step two:
coaching with facts

step three:
personalized music/brain/oxy therapy

surfing the brainwaves

A proven non-invasive technologies from South Korea and Netherland. These does not ‘cure’ any mood or developmental disorders. However, it does aid in improving brain functions and is a good non-medication alternative for symptom relief and physiological stabilization. Applicable for both children above 6 years old and adults.

We help individuals with the followings:

  • Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD)
  • Unable to stay focused
  • Processing deficits
  • Forgetful, weak in memorizing
  • Difficult to express or to communicate
  • Slow in learning
  • Unwilling to listen

rave reviews

Brandon is always so quiet and don’t talk much. With 5 sessions of EmoWave and EmoPill music therapy, based on parents’ & teacher at UCK Puchong feedback, improvements in his academic results, better verbal expressions, and now his expressive sharing is getting better.
Mrs. Soon
Before my daughter, Q.Xi listen to EmoPill music therapy, she’s a very introvert person, no direction. After listening to EmoPill music therapy, I notice some improvements on her study, at least she can remember what I have taught (especially on BM). And she tends to explain more to me in her own way (her own understanding). She also keen on accepting others’ feedback, tend to learn faster, and enjoy learning new things. I’m so happy to see results on her.
Mrs. Tham
My daughter at age 3 is quiet type and reserved personality, no much friendship with same age children in school, her social-emotional development worries me. At UCK Puchong, I enrolled her into EmoWave and EmoPill music therapy, just only 3 session, based on school principal feedback, improvements in her verbal expressions, and more active participation in activities.
Mrs. Soon

Did you know that an imbalance brainwaves will cause learning difficulties, fatigue and emotional stress? 

More than 1,000+ success cases to:

Improvement in learning abilities

Harmonisation in emotions

Raise intelligence

People who may find it most beneficial are:

  • Students who are struggling academically
  • Athletes that are looking for a competitive edge
  • Children or adults who wish to improve their performance
  • Individuals that’s looking for a way to achieve more balanced moods
  • Senior adults wishing to prevent or delay age-related mental decline

rave reviews

Before taking up EmoPill music therapy, my son (7yo) was very shy and low confident in doing everything. After the therapy, I saw him changed a lot especially he can do his homework himself and dare to speak out and social with others kids, and to my surprise he even volunteer to be class monitor. Thanks EmoPill and I will let him continue to listen to it.
Mrs. Cheng
My 8 years old son is a learning disorder child (Dyslexia), and very introvert person, do not like to talk much to others and even to the parent. After going through EmoWave by listening to the music tracks for just 2 weeks, I saw he was more outspoken and started learning things better, and even the transporter aunty told me too that my son had changed a lot, to be cheerful. Thanks to EmoWave!
Mrs. Vivien
Ian, a 6 years old boy that facing speaking and learning problem or we call it a Dyslexic child, who can’t even read A to Z accordingly at his age. We put our boy in EmoWave home-based therapy that activates his brain for a couple of months, teachers’ feedback that he improved in writing and speaking, and even able to score a 100% mark and getting 1st place in his class. This is surely will pave a better future for him. Thank you EmoWave!
Mrs. Chan

Personalized Brain Activation

A non-invasive music / brainwaves frequency / neurofeedback therapy to stabilize and rebalancing the mental and physical well-being, as well as improving brain development.