Everything can be measure. At goWave, we measure your emotions inside of you, your behavior and the physiology inflammation. Then we present in a format that make sense to you. 

Dr. Dickson Lai

The Evolutionist

Our Tools

A proven analytic technology created by TDL to analyze and present a readable 360 degree characteristics and behaviour of individuals or organization to healthify their lifestyle.

A front end AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine collect data from human voice or brainwave to measure the emotional competence of a person. 

The Creator of Intelligence Analysis for Tomorrow Human Behavior

Transforming data into information, in goWave, by combining modern science with ancient knowledge to drive the storytelling of human behavior reviewing “Why you do what you do.” Also to form a holistic view of an organization movement (social science). We specialized in Data visualization to Intelligence Analysis and Created EmoLysis® to futurize human evolution. 

Rave Reviews

I am more confident in choosing what I want to do in the future as I known what I want to do in the future.
Young Adult
This movement should approach to public moreespecially teen-agers. They require this for them to know themselves better.
A Teacher
It's make me stand firmly on my decision, to know more about myself and really figure out the reason behind of every decision I made.
Working Adult

Specializing in

Transforming Input Data Into Knowledge, Turn Knowledge to Wisdom.

It's designed for

Self Esteem

I am not good enough and I want to transform in 3 days.


I am overly stress and I need to solve my insomnia or sleep disorder in 3 days.

Mental needs

I need help to overcome my DEPRESSION, ANXIETY with 30 days.


Proven to Raise intelligence and accelerate their learning ability in 30 days.


Aware each other inner voice to foster closer connection to raise intimacy in minutes.


Emotional connect in 4 hours to achieve a power team to co-create possibilities.