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L & D Approach
9 Core Competencies

TDL goEdu Competency Based Development Program Framework

Comprises of 9 Core Competencies and 10 Specialized Skills.  It was designed and built with industries demand in mind. Anchored by the demand of the industries taking into consideration the shaping of the new industry, goEdu meticulously designed and developed our very own framework which is measurable via smart computing systems integrated through any psychometric/biometric assessment tool. The program/methodology is to leverage on scientifically proven system to review individual and organization-wide competencies periodically via an assessment and smart mapping tools.

3 categories of competencies

Functional competencies

These are applicable technical knowledge or skills that are needed for a particular field or profession. For example, accountants require different functional competencies than engineers or electricians.

Personal competencies

Individual attitudes and skills required to maintain professional relationships and personally develop and learn. An example of a personal competency would be one’s communication skills or the ability to prioritize commitments.

Business competencies

Individuals have the ability to view problems or situations through a business lens; for example, strategic or critical financial thinking.

What is Competency-Based developmental PROGRAM?

Competencies can be anything from a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics that lead to producing distinguished results. Competencies lie at the core of successful performers, so it is important to understand that the analysis of high-achieving talent is one way to identify competencies that allow success over others.

Competency-based training is a structured approach to training and assessment that is directed toward achieving specific outcomes. It is about assisting individuals to acquire skills and knowledge, so they are able to perform a task to a specified standard under certain conditions.


Bringing the afore-mentioned all together, organizational aim is then to create competency models for specific functional roles that contribute to company-wide strategic goals. Competency models are a set of typically within 9 competencies that define the capabilities of successful performers as per GOEDU Competency FrameworkÔ. To derive competency models, it is key to focus on performers who have been highly successful in the roles for which competency models are created.