Are you taking the right nutrients? How much is enough? At goBoost, we personalized your nutrients to balance mind and body based on factual data and continuous measure to strike a balance in your lifestyle. 

Dr. Dickson Lai

The Evolutionist

Connecting Lifestyle and Health

We personalized a diet that supplies all essential nutrients in the appropriate amounts for optional health throughout the lifespan.​

Top 3 Behavior Issues

High levels of stress

Emotional strain from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Lack of exercise

Regular exercise is generally not part of the lifestyle.

Poor food choices

The typical diet is high in fat and calories.

Lifestyle Diseases

The health revolution also has changed our thinking about how the body functions. There is less emphasis on distinct organ systems and more focus on integration—seeing the body as a whole. 

Our seven goBoost programe will restore a vitaly lifestyle in you. 

our services


The drug free, mind-body approach to get the best quality sleep you need. Natural, non-invasive and guarantee result.


A natural therapeutic package to prevent or eradicate infections to healthify your lifestyle.


Focus on your gut-brain connection that may contribute to your anxiety and digestion problems.


A proven method and non-invasive music therapy to stabilize and rebalances your mental and physical wellbeing.


A non-invasive Oxygen Therapy that induced oxygen to increases your endurance to recover from injuries.


A life coaching service based on factual data to help you with specific personal goals and transitions to vitality.

Your life is more important than you may believe.

With good health, you can spend more time with friends and family, enjoy the love in your life, and follow your passion to your heart’s content. With bad health…you eventually lose it all. So, take care of your health so you have more time to enjoy the other most important things in your life.