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Everything can be measured. If a thing can be observed in any way at all, it lends itself to some type of measurement. When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory type.

emotions will determine your personal identity

Overview And Experience

Dr Dickson Lai has come a long way. Life propelled him to take not tiny, but giant steps towards shattering some cherished beliefs- how the mind, body, and emotions are actually unified under one intelligent system, called “the field of intelligence.” So far, he’s progressing really well.

And no doubt things took him far, as he is now a Life Coach, Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Trainer with some even labeled him a nutty, crazy scientist in the area of Emotional Competence. With Dr Dickson’s leadership and as the founder of The Dickson Lab that uses modern scientific tools and techniques, together with inner knowing, to accelerate human potential. He is the author of the book “Surfing the Brainwave”. He classifies himself as an Evolutionist to empower humanity to co-create possibilities and is a constant student, always seeking to learn more and to add to his base of knowledge. His EmoView®, EmoWave®, EmoPill® and Training program is now available in other regions apart from Malaysia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and China. All those years he worked on EmoWave®, a tool that identifies your emotion competence from your voice to give factual information of your behavior, why you do what you do, and what do you want, has finally paid off and now reaching enthusiastic hearts.

We must take responsibility for the way we feel and choose how we feel at every single moment.

One thing everyone should know about Dr Lai is his strong beliefs in the power of education. He thinks of himself as a lifelong student, always seeking to learn more and adding to his base of knowledge as the world has so much to offer. Raging fire runs in him as a coach, where he has created various workshops such as the Emotional Intelligence Workshop, being one of his signature programs and personally facilitated 500+ Social Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs. That’s not all. He has also conducted his signature workshop, Empower-2-Transform more than 100+ times over the last three years and was also invited to be a keynote speaker at various occasions such as Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Energic Malaysia, Thailand Health Conference and many others across the globe. Even as distant as South Africa and UAE. Dr Lai is just really passionate on what he do.

He is currently the President of Rotary Club of Port Klang 2019/20 and 2020/21. He was also in the committee of ICF Malaysia Chapter in 2014. 

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You have choices. You have the opportunity and the power to choose between two or more possibilities, to make a decision. It’s up to you to make your own choices. 

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There was also a time when all his sweat and blood back in his university days earned him his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Leicester and his Doctorate at the University of Entreprenology. Though, he started his life journey at the Workers Institute of Technology, earning his Diploma in Electronic Engineering and then got certified as a Neurotrainer at the Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science to chase after his dreams, becoming the 1st Certified Emyth Business Coach in Malaysia and a Certified Ontological Coach from Accomplishment Coaching, USA.