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The Dickson Lab (TDL), a mental and physical wellbeing studio that promote healing and recovery. We gives you the optimum health you desire to live effectively.
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Experience your first natural healing when you inhale and induce pure oxygen in a pressurized environment.


Hydrogen Therapy

Strengthen your respiratory and boost performance, better mental focus with Molecular Hydrogen Therapy. 


Emowave Assessment

A unique voice assessment tool that measures your behaviour (EQ) and discover your inflammation. 

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Day 1 she was having pain after her knee surgery and her physiotherapist advised her to rest at least 1 month.

Within 10 days, just after 4 sessions at The Dickson Lab, Collen Augustin able to walk normal without any walking aid. Her knee recover very fast and her physiotherapist started to put more pressure on her knee. 

Colleen R. Augustin who has put Malaysia on the map by being the first Malaysian woman fighter to bag a gold medal in the 2019 Asian Open, which was impressively her first MMA championship.