How much you know yourself?
"EmoWave® is a unique voice assessment tool that measures emotional competence and rediscover your personal profile. It does not require you to participate in written tests or any questionnaires. Only your mere voice is required."





Core Competencies

Mental Wellness

Physical Wellness

It’s 100% accurate. The EmoWave Report able to show what’s inside of me.

EmoWave able to discover what you want.

EmoWave is able to foster better relationship.



1. An assessment tool for trainers, coaches and recruiters.
2. Team building program to foster relationship in the organization.
3. Recruitment to identify best fit based on their behavior and real intention.


1. For students who making decision for their higher education and their next career.
2. For parents who wanted the best from their children especially parents and children relationship.
3. For teachers, lecturers who go beyond understand students communication and learning style to better educate them.


1. Individuals who wanted to rediscover themselves.
2. Counselors, mentors, coaches uses the factual data to undertake therapy process.
3. Marriage consulting to develop closer relationship between couples.

Unbelievable that it can detect just by the voice. 

This is a great tool to work on your emotional intelligence.

Great tool to get to know myself and even my family. 

We Detect Your
Silent Inflammation

Everyone will experience inflammation in their lifetime. The seeds of inflammation signifies that you are not in a state of wellness and you are on the path of sickness although you look good. Like a slow poison, inflammation can gradually over time destroy your body organs and tissues without you realizing it and you continue to live, work and play with a false sense of good health until one fine day, out of the blue, a chronic inflammatory disease hits you.  

At least I know what is the fundamental characteristic of my own; and what to do / rectify to be a better person; to achieve my goal.
90% accurate
I get to know the things about myself and be able to make the best of my personalities in making important life decisions. And i'm not clueless anymore.
95% accurate
It's make me stand firmly on my decision, to know more about myself and really figure out the reason behind of every decision I made.
97% accurate


What is EmoWave?

EmoWave® is a unique voice assessment tool that measures your emotional intelligence and sets up your personal profile where your personality, learning styles, emotional states, constructive attributes, and among others, are determined. It does not require you to participate in written tests or any questionnaires. Only your mere voice is required.

How it works?

Speak to the microphone for approximately 5 mins in any language. The system will capture the frequency triggers. Once your voice is recorded, it will then be uploaded into our software for analysis. Then, your EmoWave® EQ report will be generated. Even gibberish will suffice, as long as your voice is audible. For best results, speak clearly.

How to interpret the EmoWave report?

If you are exposed to EmoWave® for the first time, you might not be able to interpret and understand the report completely. Therefore, we highly recommend that you refer to a certified EmoWave® reader or practitioner to analyze your report.

Who uses EmoWave?

Coaches, trainers, counselors, psychologists, HR specialists and educators. EmoWave® is also for individuals on a journey of self-discovery and a desire to enhance one’s life.


What is the philosophy behind EmoWave?

Vibrations and the interconnectedness of our reality in relations to us, our emotions, and environment acts as the founding principle of our technology. Vibrations affect the world in the same way our emotions generate such vibrations, which is carried within our voice, and released into our outer reality- ultimately affecting us and the world.

How accurate are the results? And Is EmoWave® suitable for all ages?

Accuracy feedback is within 85-90%.

Only for ages 6 and above.




I don’t like what I see in my report. Is this a fixed profile of who I am?

No, most aspects in your report do not remain the same forever. We are all fluid beings and we grow accordingly as time passes. What you currently see in your report may shift as early as in a few months’ time. By acknowledging who you are and areas where you could improve, you are one step ahead in life.



How well does EmoWave® deal with areas concerning health and wellness?

It is within our ability to determine the overall health of your body and individual organs, even potential and

existing mental and physical wellness challenges. We let you know which areas of your body you need to pay more attention to and what may have caused them to perform unsatisfactorily. Negative emotions generate a low vibration that has an impact on our health, and vice versa.